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Meet Echo: Quiet Luxury, Infinite Possibilities

Hatt's New Masterpiece


Hello designers and interior enthusiasts,

We're thrilled to introduce ECHO, our latest masterpiece that redefines quiet luxury through its versatile design.

Launched at ICFF last May is a result of our design team work and the new partnership with AGV Studio, this console seamlessly blends the timeless elegance of wood with the understated beauty of marble.


It’s always a challenge to bring our original Hatt’s concept to a new product. But our team and partners once again presented us with our singular twist and versatility concept, being highlighted by:

  • Layered spaces from intersecting planes

  • Living/Entry/Dining/Office room versatility

  • Functions as bookshelf, decor plinth, storage

  • Enables display, division of spaces

  • Exquisite craftsmanship by Hatt's cabinet makers

  • Customizable materials, finishes, dimensions

  • Sustainable woods and marbles


The extraordinary is arriving

Don't miss our new catalog showcasing ECHO and our full range of avant-garde offerings.
And for trade professionals, be sure to request your exclusive pricing.

Know more about our Echo Console


We can't wait to guide you through the new possibilities!

The storage future is yours to reimagine!

Download our catalogue price list.

We've updated our main catalogue.

Take a chance to know more about the new products.

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