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About Hatt


We believe that each product can be more than a tool, it can relate to the user in its own way, in a sense of discovery, restoring the value of authenticity.

Based on archetypes and examples of modern design, combined with an art of “know-how”, we seek to develop products adapted to a new reality, in an evolutive process, giving rise to functional and transgenerational pieces.


The border between living and working is becoming more and more faded and informal. Technology, leisure, work and comfort all mingle in the same space. To follow this socio-cultural trend, we look for our products to have a detail that highlight their character, whether through an aesthetic reference, a moving part, different color or material, allowing to be used in different ways and locations.


We express values through our products from the balance between functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics, but still bearing in mind the responsibility that each one carries. Responsibility towards the environment, and also the artisans who bring them to life. An effort for sustainable practices. 

​All of this converges in its own language that seeks to share our vision of design on which the function gives rise to an attractive purity.

DEFONTES_0034290a - cópia.jpg



The change starts with us. Small steps leads to great accomplishments.

We all are aware of the planet’s environmental needs and Portugal being one of the countries that most uses renewable energies, encourages the changes that Hatt stands for, building new behaviours in design and industry.


Inspired by the minimalist classics of rational design, believing in smart consumption, we create our products keeping in sight transgenerational design, as well as technical studies and sustainable materials.

Sustainability is also connecting the industry with the society, supporting local businesses and artisans, connecting them all to a bigger project.


Small changes on manufacturing can make a big impact on our environment. To accomplish that goal we use FSC certified woods, water based varnishes, ecological oils and recycled cardboard boxes for shipping. In addition to this, when possible, we use ecological friendly fabrics, eco-linoleum and, in a future step of the brand, developing products that use waste as a resource. 

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