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Echo console starts from the new thniking process for
Hatt and future products. Where quiet luxury mingles with
the original multipurpose function.

This was the base for
creating Echo. Different layers and spaces are created
and separated by the interception of diffent plans. With
this the user can use en the living room or entering
room, in the dining room or in the office. Can be a small
bookshelf or a plinth for exhibiting decorative objects,
the way to interact with it is not squared, is like an open
source of endless possibilites and freedom of use.
An elegant levitated design where the main shelves
look floating, highlighting the main block that not only is
the main structure to the console, but is also the divider
or even the hidden storage.

DIM: 150x45x85h cm | 180x45x85h cm | 220x45x85h cm

MATERIALS: Soft Lacquer + Veneer + Marble or Ceramic
Customizable by request

DESIGN: in partnership with AGV Studio


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