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Coffee Table | Bench

Following the principles of minimalist and multifuncional design, inspired by Japanese joinery and where woodworking joints are the key to produce this table. A light-looking table enhanced by the slatted top, feet and central pillar ensure table strength without the need for additional structural elements.

As the brand’s signature, versatility is a requirement that is always present in our products, so Nokogiri could not be just a coffee table. It can be used as a centre table, a footrest or entry bench depending on the area and featured accessories.
The addition of a cushion introduces it as an extra seat to the living area or as an entry bench and even combined with the marble tray for your favorite drink or leaving your car keys. A process of continuous discovery between the user and the product.

DIM: 172x70x33cm | 132x60x33cm

MAIN BODY: Solid Wood Oak | Mutene | Walnut
CUSHION: Textured Fabric | Synthetic Leather | Wool
TRAY: Marble

DESIGN BY: Marcelo Fernandes | Jorge Macedo


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