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Hatt Shelving

Modular Bookshelf

Imagine that you could have a system to organize your books in the order that suits you better. You might even have the option of having some storage for your office. Imagine that you could have a place to hang a coat when you’re at your workplace. Maybe one day in the future, you can add other modules for more storage or even have them in a different room and with a different function. Now imagine the Hatt shelving system in your home or office...

A versatile shelving system that allows user to adapt it to suit their needs. A combination of two modules of different sizes that can be grouped and can thus have different compositions. In order to reduce transport costs as well as reduce its environmental impact, all the shelf parts can be shipped in flat packs.
Shelves can be made of solid wood or with wire mesh, a perforated metal sheet which allows light to pass through it. The storage module with a folding door allows you to store what you want more privately. Contact Hatt team and make your own shelf system.

DIM: 97x38x235cm | 67x38x235cm
MODELS: 3 Shelves + Hanger | 6 Shelves | 4 Shelves+ Storage

MAIN BODY: Solid Wood Ash | Oak | Ebonized Oak

DESIGN BY: Jorge Macedo


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