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With Hatt trays possibilities are immense when you use it to kick start the party by serving your tasty finger food appetizers in your house. Available in different types of marble such as: Calacata, Estremoz, Marquina, Gray Kendzo and Portoro.

A natural addition to your home decor. Simple geometric shapes, designed to suit multiple occasions and places. Can be used in the bathroom, dining or living area to display items such as candles, flowers or other accessories. Made with leftover marble in order to have a low environmental impact and promote a circular economy.

DIM: 42x42x2cm | 42x22x2cm | Diam. 21x2cm

MARBLE: Calacatta | Estremoz | Marquina | Gray Kendzo | Portoro

DESIGN BY: Hatt Studio | Marcelo Fernandes


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