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Dining Table

Today’s homes are getting smaller and users want more minimalist decorations, so reduction is essential. On Dona table a colored center board can be decorative, but also make a distinction between the work and dining areas.

It’s true that the path of furniture and decoration at this moment moves through the reduction process, however, there are times when we have a special dinner with the family and this is where Dona table expands and reveals its potential...
When closed, its modest size allows it to be easily used on a daily basis. However, when we pull one of the tops, the inner mechanism makes the other one also to move away, revealing an extra top that will allow everyone to enjoy your cooking skills.

DIM: 200x100x75cm | 220x110x75cm | 250x110x75cm
EXTENDABLE: 200 - 250x110x75cm

MAIN BODY: Veneered + Solid Wood - Oak | Ebonized Oak | Walnut
DETAILS: Lacquered

DESIGN BY: Jorge Macedo


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