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A minimalist design, inspired by basic geometric shapes, without excess of details. Designed to highlight the essence of materials, their textures, contrasts and allow the user to enjoy their versatility in different spaces while admiring the contrast between the comfort of wood and the beauty of marble.

The Butler sideboard concept starts with the conservative idea of a lifetime furniture, combined with a contemporary design with subtle shapes. We know it is there when we need it, but the rest of the time it merges into the environment and space in which it can be appreciated as a decorative element, allowing for a process of discovery between the user and the product.
The concealed door handle, represented by the vertical wooden strips, allows to easily open them through the push-to-open system. Functionality is always a requirement to take into account, in this case there are two drawers hidden inside to better accommodate your accessories and if necessary, more drawers can be added by request.

DIM: 240x45x67cm | 200x45x67cm

MAIN BODY: Veneered in Oak | Ebonized Oak | Walnut
DOORS: Marble Carrara | Estremoz | Marquina | Grey Kendzo

DESIGN BY: Marcelo Fernandes


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