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Hatt 2024's Top Decor Trends

Meet 2024's Top Decor Trends

And Elevate Your Home With These Stylish Updates


According to Forbes, Insider and Vogue, this will be a year of design innovation and timeless sophistication! Let’s delve into the aesthetic delights that are waiting for you to transform your home or office this year:


💫 Curved and Cutout Shapes - The use of sensuous rounded contours and artistic negative space cutouts adds sculptural visual intrigue along with functionality to furniture and lighting designs.


🧱 Ceramic Inclusions - From mosaic tile accents to handcrafted vessels, clay-based ceramic materials bring an earthy warmth and artisanal appeal through beautiful glazes and textures.


🌿 Indoor Greenery - Houseplants integrated creatively into shelves, room dividers, lighting fixtures and more connect nature with interior spaces for biophilic balance and life.


🎨 Warm, Cozy Color Palettes - Rich earth tones, fired terracottas, deep emeralds and burnt sunset hues envelop rooms in autumn coziness and subtle vibrance.


🛋️ Customized Furniture - As DIY and custom culture rises, people seek out brands offering tailored-to-order services from customized upholstery to individual artisan collaborations.


💎 Quiet Luxury - Beyond labels, discerning consumers value quality craftsmanship and enduring design above branding, leading to a surge in appreciation for substance over hype.

And guess what? Hatt's design concepts offerings deliver on these meaningful trends sustainably through curvaceous silhouettes, biophilic elements, custom colorize-ability and our focus on ethical substance over style.

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