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Meet Iris: Where Avant-Garde Meets Iconic Luxury

Our New Approach to Heritage craftsmanship


Hello designers and interior enthusiasts...

After much anticipation, we're thrilled to introduce Iris sideboard - our latest masterpiece redefining contemporary elegance. Born from a visionary collaboration with Aitor Garcia de Vicuna, our new creative director, this piece shatters expectations through daring material stories. Richly textured ziricote veneer create striking contrast against smooth, super-soft lacquer.


But the centerpiece is Iris' backlit marble circle, it creates an intimate ambient glow that highlights the stone's pure translucency. True to our roots, Iris embodies signature Hatt design twists like the bar area opening from the top instead of a traditional front door. After commanding the global spotlight at ICFF New York, Iris is now ready to elevate your spaces through customized luxury living. Craft an utterly personalized centerpiece by selecting your desired woods, finishes, marble hues and more.


The extraordinary is arriving

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We can't wait to guide you through the new possibilities!

The storage future is yours to reimagine!

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