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Meet Hatt’s Customization Program!

Want to bring your dream furniture piece to life?


We're thrilled to unveil our furniture customization program - making your interior design visions a sustainable reality. 


Whether you're a professional or just inspired to create the perfect piece for your space, here's what to expect:


🌈 Inspiration → Creation 

Pick your Hatts favorite piece and connect with us to share your vision - sizes, materials, colors, and desired features. We'll ideate sketch concepts capturing your custom style.


🎨 Development → Finalization

Collaboratively refine aesthetics and functionality in 3D visualizations until every detail aligns with your goals.


🛠️ Production → Delivery 

Connect with our artisans as they craft your specialized, sustainable piece. After stringent quality assurance checks, we’ll able to carefully package and ship directly to you.

Discover the custom possibilities - our team is ready to collaborate in realizing your one-of-a-kind Hatt vision.

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Contact us to discuss
dream design.

We can't wait to make your home furnishing
expectations a reality!


Looking for something
more specific?

Do you want to know more about Hatt and our work?
Download here our Press Kit.

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