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Mrs. Note


Following the principles of the “rational design,” Mr. And Mrs. Note Desks embody timeless elegance. Design to reflect the identity of the brand, where function creates attractive pureness, this product is an extension of the user, integrating custom work tools and storage.

Mrs. Note is a simple desk thought specially from the user point of view. Robust and with big dimensions, has a lower shelf and scratch-resistant top, requisite for its use. Not losing aesthetics or ergonomics, this desk was striped down to its primary concept - functional usage.
Keeping in mind the concept guide lines, a set of leather bags were added to allow file storage with easy access always closer to user.
Like wrist watch bracelets, a leather stripe was added all around the top, where it’s also applied a leather armrest for better touching feeling.
Mrs. Note desk has a wide selection of materials and colors, allowing the user to customize them according to their taste.

DIM: 190x75x75cm | 160x75x75cm

MAIN BODY: Veneered Plywood | Solid Wood
DETAILS: Synthetic Leather

DESIGN BY: Jorge Macedo


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